Last month we launched Digg Deeper, a useful feature that automagically identifies the most rapidly trending stories and videos among the people you follow on Twitter.

Today, we’re excited to launch a set of new and awesome elements to Digg Deeper:

1. Digg Deeper in Digg Reader

First, we’re adding Digg Deeper into Digg Reader (try saying that 10 times fast). You can now use Digg Deeper to scan the most-shared stories, videos and links from your Twitter connections. It’s an amazing way to see the most important stories currently trending among your friends and followers. Check it out. 

2. Digg Deeper on iOS

Second, we’re launching an updated iOS app with Digg Deeper. You see which of your friends shared each story, and read their Tweets about it. It’s an amazing way to get the collective recommendations of your friends, and then quickly scan what they had to say. You can also opt to get push notifications each time Digg Deeper detects a trending story. Download the iOS app.

3. Daily Digest email

Third, we’re adding a Daily Digest email for Digg Deeper. Up until now, we’ve offered optional real-time Digg Alerts for the most-shared stories and videos among your friends. The Daily Digest is an email option that pulls together all your Digg Deeper links into a single place and delivers them, once a day, to your inbox. (Subscribers to the old daily email often raved about how useful this can be; we think you’ll agree.) Go to Settings to turn on the Digg Deeper Digest.

Why Digg Deeper?

When betaworks took over Digg back in 2012, our first move was to re-imagine and relaunch the Digg homepage. We wanted to answer the same core question that brought users to Digg — “What are the most interesting stories on the Internet right now?” — but in a new way. Rather than relying solely on social signals like the Digg button (which had proven increasingly problematic as Digg grew and matured), a small editorial team used a range of data-driven tools to identify interesting stories and videos and then applied their judgment to compose a rapidly-evolving homepage, complete with saucy headlines and captions. The first product of the rebooted Digg, then, was recommendations: editors turning the cacophony of the Internet into a small set of the day’s best stories, presented in a clean and visually arresting web page, mobile apps and daily email.

The second big product area was Digg Reader, which delivers users a fast, efficient, up-to-the minute way to keep up with their favorite sites, blogs and other online sources, via a web-based reading dashboard, along with iOS and Android mobile apps. In addition to full-scale, reverse chronological feed reading, Digg Reader provides an innovative tool to sort posts by popularity.

As of last month, we added a third big product: Digg Deeper, where we turn your Twitter account into real-time content recommendations and alerts from your friends and followers. It’s a great way to turn your often-overwhelming social streams into low-volume, high-value feed from the people and channels you trust.

As always, we welcome your feedback, suggestions, and feature requests. Email our CTO,


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