We’re happy to report we have released an update to the Digg iOS app with full iOS 7 support, including a couple of interesting new features: Dynamic Type and Background App Refresh. We’re super excited about this release, as it brings the app up to date with the latest technology Apple has incorporated into iOS.

With Dynamic Type, you can set your text size preference once in iOS Settings, then watch it take effect across all of your favorite apps. So, if you crave teeny tiny text or want more content on your screen, we can help you. On the other hand, if you prefer huge text or want to read Digg on the other side of the room, we can help you there as well. And if you happen to have poor eyesight, you can update your Accessibility settings to enable “Larger Dynamic Type.” (To access your preference, open the Settings app, then General, and Text Size; for super huge fonts, open Settings, then General, Accessibility, then Larger Type.)

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Background App Refresh lets iOS determine the best time for Digg to update with the latest content. For instance, if you regularly read Digg at 8 am, iOS will allow us to update some time shortly before then. Unfortunately, if you subscribe to lots of feeds in Digg Reader, we won’t be able to update everything in the short amount of time we’re given. To accommodate that constraint, we’ll prioritize the streams you view most often (whether it be Top Stories, All, Popular, Diggs, Saved, or any other folders or feeds you have).

You may also notice a few iOS 7-related design flourishes, such as the status bar blending in with the Digg interface or the toolbar at the bottom of articles adopting the semi-transparent blur effect. Also, whereas before you could only swipe away articles, now you can swipe from the edge on any screen and return to the previous screen.

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iOS 7 is out now! To update, open the Settings app, select General, then Software Update. To download the latest version of Digg, visit http://AppStore.com/Digg

As always, if you have a suggestion, trouble with the app, or any other feedback, please reach out! Email us at support@digg.com or tweet at @DiggSupport

Much love,

Rob & Team Digg

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