Even more excellent news:

Our friends at Wired have put together “101 Signals,” a painstakingly-assembled list of feeds featuring the reporters, writers, thinkers and outlets you can’t – or at least shouldn’t – live without.  It’s really valuable. We discovered tons of interesting sources on “101 Signals” that we weren’t already following, and we get paid to find the most interesting things on the Internet every day.

To make your life even easier, we’ve built a set of one-click “Add To Digg Reader” buttons that you can use to subscribe – altogether, within a category, or one-by-one – to these highly-curated, high-value feeds, both over at Wired and within Digg Reader itself.

Whether you’re just getting started using a reader or simply want to augment the feeds you already follow, Wired’s “101 Signals” is a brilliant list to consider.

- The Digg Team

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    smart idea. am testing digg reader, but still not sold. maybe this’ll help.
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