Ah, the sweet scent of incremental progress.  This week we’re launching more new features and updates for Digg and Digg Reader, as we work to add your many excellent ideas and feature requests to our products.

Today brings three notable launches.

1.  New iPhone and iPad app

Our new iOS app is going live in the Apple App Store today.  Here’s what’s new:

  • We’ve added the “Popular” section to Digg Reader, enabling you to sort any of your feeds in order of their popularity across the social web.

  • You can now choose to see only unread items in any Digg Reader feed.  All feeds have a simple pull-down menu where you can toggle between All and Unread-only views.

  • You can also turn on a new setting to show only folders and feeds with unread items.

  • You can now delete feeds and folders directly in the app.

  • We’ve improved scrolling performance, and added support for Readability.

2.  Digg Reader for mobile web browsers

We now offer Digg Reader optimized for mobile web browsers.  Just point your smartphone or tablet browser to digg.com/reader.  

Digg Reader’s mobile web interface captures the look and feel of our awesome iOS (and soon-to-be-released Android) mobile apps.  As with other flavors of Digg Reader, we aim to make the experience fast and simple.  We’ve baked in full support for embedded HTML5 media from sites like YouTube and Soundcloud.

It’s a beta product, and it won’t work perfectly on some devices, especially older smartphones on less-popular platforms.  Future updates will bring the mobile web experience closer to feature-parity with our other apps, and will expand support for more devices and operating systems.  We’re also going to be building edgier (at least in the context of mobile browsers) capabilities, like offline use/storage and an add-to-Reader bookmarklet.

3. Only show feeds and folders with unread items

If you’re the kind of person who wants to clear through your Reader queue as efficiently as possible, you probably want folders and feeds to appear in the menu only when they have unread items.  Now added, as an option in your Settings:

As always, we warmly welcome your feedback.  Our user forum has a wide-open section for your ideas and input.

- Andrew

PS - You may be asking yourself, “Where’s my freaking Android app?”  The answer is:  On my Nexus 4, right now.  We’re doing final QA on our Android beta.  Coming your way very, very soon.


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