It has now been over 100 days since we launched the new Digg. In the last couple of months, we launched an iPad app, redesigned the iPhone app, nearly doubled the number of stories on the homepage, and upgraded many of the features we had to skimp on during the six week sprint (Twitter login, for example). We doubled our monthly active users from June (the last full month of Old Digg) to October, and people are starting to notice.

We’ve also been busy building out a great team. We recently hired a full time community manager — Veronica de Souza, of Binders Full of Women fame, and our second front end engineer — Kevin Barnett, who comes from New York Magazine. The team remains small, and we remain convinced that we can do a lot of good with a small team.

Right before we launched we conducted a survey that we hoped would help us better understand the Digg community and experience. You might recall this stark statistic: only 8% of Digg users would recommend Digg to a friend.

Though an unnerving proposition, moving the “would you recommend” number became a singular goal on which the team could focus all of our attention.

So how are we tracking against our goal?

I’m happy to report that, based on the data from our most recent survey, 81% of survey respondents said that they would recommend Digg to a friend — a 10x improvement.

So what else did we learn? The majority of our users are 18-29 years old, with the vast majority between 18 and 39.


We also asked our users how they typically get their news. When we asked this question in July, Digg was at the bottom of the list. Today, Digg has taken the #1 position, followed closely by Major Online Newspapers, TV, then Reddit, Hacker News and other community based news applications. Surprisingly, Facebook and Twitter are smack in the middle.


Here’s a breakdown of subjects that the Digg community finds interesting:


With over 2,600 responses, there was a lot of data to wade through, but overall, what we heard from the survey was this: we’re off to a fine start, but we have a lot of work to do. Social features, more content on the site — this is what keeps us up at night. It will be a lot of work, and require a lot of patience, but we’re confident that we can get it done — and do it right. Stay tuned…

Jake + Team Digg

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