We’re happy to report that Digg for iPad, and an update to Digg for iPhone 5 is now live in the app store!

Free Download — go get it!

When we relaunched Digg last month, we said that we wanted to build an experience that is native to each device. The tablet is quickly becoming an important device for Digg users, and the iPad is leading the way, at nearly 30% of mobile visits to digg.com.

In this version is a new feature we call Reading Sync. For users with both iPhone and iPad, Reading Sync allows you to start reading on one device, and continue where you left off on another. Kudos to Mr. Rob for coming up with this awesome implementation.

Besides Reading Sync, Digg for iOS includes a handful of other great features:

  • "Paperboy" automatically downloads the latest Digg stories whenever you leave home or work
  • Save articles to your Reading List from digg.com, Digg for iPad, or Digg for iPhone
  • Digg your favorite stories and share to Facebook, Twitter, by email or text 

Hard to believe that launch was only seven weeks ago (p.s. we’re hiring awesome developers)!

       Digg for iPad



       Digg for iPhone


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