Today we launched the Digg Archive, a tool to help users of the old Digg (before July 2012) retrieve a history of their Diggs, Submissions, Saved Articles, and Comments.

We believe that people own the data they create, so while we work to determine if and how this data makes its way into the new Digg, we wanted to provide a way for users to access their history. It took some digging through the old infrastructure, but the complete Digg Archive is now live.

Get your Digg archive

Our friends at Kippt and Pinboard have made it super simple to transfer your data into their services. Visit to get started, or follow the instructions at the link above to import your data into Pinboard.

As always, you can reach us at with any questions.


p.s. You can also download your data in json or csv format. If you’re a developer interested in working on the Digg Archive data set, get in touch.

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