Coming up for air to provide a quick update on the new Digg.

Some exciting stats since Tuesday’s launch:

  • By Wednesday afternoon, over half a million people had checked out the new Digg
  • 17% of visits to the web came from mobile devices
  • We’ve seen over 50,000 story submissions, with about 100 stories making their way to the homepage
  • We’re sending about 200 visitors per minute to great stories that make it to our Top section, from sites like Foodbeast, The Atlantic Wire and Nowness


New features and feature fixes are on the way. We just submitted a new version of the Digg iPhone app to Apple, which will include a handful of additions like Digg’s Popular stories, and the ability to save stories to your Reading List (or to Pocket or Instapaper) without having to log in with Facebook.

If you haven’t yet, check out our shiny new iPhone app.

We have a lot of work to do, so thanks for your patience. Stay tuned.


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