We have been blown away by the response to the survey we put out on Friday. As of today, 3,754 people have responded. First and foremost, we learned that no one is happy with the current state of Digg. 92% of survey respondents said that they would not recommend the current Digg to a friend. This level of dissatisfaction does not call for incremental improvements. It does not call for an evolution of Digg. The problem we are trying to solve with v1 — how can we deliver the best of what the Internet is talking about right now? — calls for something else. V1 shouldn’t be a better Digg, it shouldn’t be a better Reddit, and it shouldn’t be a better Hacker News. It has to be different.

Here’s how survey respondents said they get their news:


The data shows that how people find news is fragmented and complex. The vast majority of respondents reported getting their news in four or more different ways. The Internet is full of great stories and communities, but it lacks a simple product to help people find the best of those stories and to make sense of them outside of the communities from which they originate.

Mobile needs to be way more than an afterthought
Check out this data: 56% of survey respondents say they read news multiple times per day on their phones. When Digg launched in 2004 that number was probably close to zero.


We saw with News.me that more and more people are getting the news on phones and tablet devices. Great news stories are everywhere — in pockets, on couches, and on desks — and great news products need to be everywhere too.

What else do you want the new Digg team to know?
Here are some of my favorites:

Survey Response #2 — “do what your name says: RETHINK digg. scrap old features even if they were/are still popular. times are changing.”

Survey Response #35 — “My ideal new digg would be evening-edition.com or Business Insider’s 10 Things You Need To Know this morning, with digg’s social curation as the backend.”

Survey Response #37 — “I visited Digg (at least) daily around 2005–2008. I would very much love to see a true re-imagining of what Digg could be in 2013+, but it has a long way to go. Oh, and just in case you’re not focusing primarily on mobile, you’re wasting your time.”

Survey Response #129 — “The only way Digg will succeed is if it becomes the leader in something. It’s time to stop following every other social media companies feature set and start leading on something.” 

Survey Response #161 — “don’t just try to rip-off reddit, you’re going to have to come up with something fresh.”

Survey Response #1032 — “Make something awesome. The internet is rooting for you.”

Thanks, Internet. We’ll be back soon with more details.


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